Having an attitude of gratitude and focusing on the beauty to be found all around nourishes the soul....

April 9, 2012
Feel a bit like I'm living in a fantasy castle at the moment... kids outside filling the air with sparkling bubbles, first sweet, red roses in bloom, mountains in the distance, clear blue sky... now if only we were blessed with a magic maid to keep the house pristine and a garden fairy to take care of the outdoor rooms!  :o)

April 6, 2012
We had a wonderful visit with my Dad earlier this week.  He taught us how to move forward with the major project of moving and building fence.  He also gave me a swing dance lesson!  It did the heart good to dance with my dad.  This morning, I played catch with one of the kids while the other was peacefully reading on the couch.  Our shipment from arrived with much excitement as the kids took their newest addition to their electric game collection off to the playroom and I can get lost in the beauty of a favorite artist, Joshephine Walls, in her beautiful book.... perhaps with the kids during storytime on the porch later.  Our library corner bookshelf spills over with great books as well... In spite of the early morning tears and heavy heart while missing my mom, our cup overfloweth today.  Must force myself to tend to the chores in the barn and garden, but glad to have the chickens running around and providing eggs and the veggie sprouts growing healthy treats for our bodies... looking forward to the first sweet peas soon!

April 1, 2012
Ahh... starting the morning with Southern Pecan coffee and homemade waffles (by hubby and the kids).  Followed by an afternoon smelling of fresh-cut grass, brightened by sunshine, and the sound of kids' giggles as they re-discover the joy of water balloons!

March 30, 2012
The azaleas are just starting to bloom, the yard is full of yellow sunshine from the dandelions, a 4 leaf clover found me recently, the goldfish in our small zen pond bring peace and a smile to my soul, several different kinds of birds frequent our bird feeder, the peas in the garden are sprouting and we had our first home grown salad of the season last week (with spinach, romaine lettuce, swiss chard, asparagus, and eggs from our hens), the kids built a stick hut in the woods, the dogwoods are blooming, all the vibrant spring green leaves are appearing, the kids enjoyed watching tadpoles in the bigger pond yesterday, the new fruit and nut trees are growing, Spring is here! :o)

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