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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day tribute

Wrote about this mother's day tribute I made this week on the new Loving Rd. blog here:

Art play is amazing therapy! ;)

Mother's Day Give-Away

Since I can’t give a physical gift to my mom anymore, I’ve decided to do a mother’s day give-away in her honor/memory. I will give away one homemade fabric love note necklace to someone else this mother’s day. I haven’t yet decided which lovelace love note necklace will be the one given away yet so to enter, please follow these 2 steps:
1. Please comment with the give-away announcement on facebook page where it says ENTER HERE ( and either tell me which of the lovelaces is your favorite or how you would use a mini-journal similar to the bigger booklace journals.
2. Please share the link to enter the give-away with your friends so they have a chance to enter (& win!) as well. You do not have to “like” the page to enter. Of course, it’s always appreciated if you do. I will do the drawing on mother’s day to select a winner and announce the winner on mother’s day on facebook (and contact them with a private message for the address to mail it).

If you just have to have one, they can be purchased on my Etsy site:

There are several more pictures in the “Made with Love” album on facebook.

Best wishes.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Loving Rd.

I have started a new blog for Loving Rd - check it out at!

Loving Rd is a family business with the goal to inspire others to live life to the fullest, to seek joy, to respect others and nature, and to love more than fear. I started making art as a way to heal my broken heart after my mom lost the battle with ovarian cancer in June, 2010. My hope is to make something beautiful from the broken.

Loving Rd is the evolution of PAS it on, started in memory of my Mom, Paulette A. Sears (PAS), to honor her love for others, nature, and life itself. The name has evolved into “Loving Rd” because “PAS it on” was already so prevalent on the internet and inspirational material. Loving Rd was chosen both for it’s literal meaning (my home is on the corner of Loving Rd. in the Blue Ridge mountains) and the symbolic meaning, Love is the way that my mom lived her life and the example that I wish to carry on.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Loving Rd.

Best wishes,

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“Give to others and respect their feelings, you will be loved and respected in return.”
– Paulette Sears

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'll light the fire...

February 11, 2014 * snow falling all morning creating a beautiful winter wonderland outside... brainstorm inside...

* My Mom's Birthday * would be her 66th... woke up with the song "Dance in the Graveyards" playing in my head: "I don't wanna rest in peace - I wanna dance in joy - I wanna dance in the graveyards!"  A song my mom never heard, but that reminds me of her last wishes.  She didn't want a traditional funeral - she wanted a celebration!!  A celebration of her life, love, joy, blessings - the good stuff - which is what she put priority on in her life.  She requested the song "Our House" by Crosby, Stills, & Nash to be played at the celebration: "I'll light the fire.  You place the flowers in the vase.... our house is a very, very, very fine house." 

She lived her life with grace and was a lovely example of living out the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you," which she taught my children.  While she would have loved to be here to watch her grandchildren grow (3 of them when she died, ages 4 and 5 1/2, and 5 of them now, ages 9, 7 1/2, and 1 with 2 sets of twins), she faced death as she lived life, full of grace, courage, and love.

Now, she is an angel in our lives - regardless of beliefs/realities of angels - because her love echoes in our hearts and souls, her guidance lives on in our memories, her fire still burns in our lives, part of her may have sailed off into the mystic of death, but she still lives with us in the heaven of our hearts.

Recently, my boys asked me to play the game "Life" with them, and I heard my mom's memory telling me to say, "YES!"  She would've loved to be here to play the game with them.  So, of course, I said yes and I told them it was because I heard Grammie tell me to - which got quite a reaction at first as kids think literally!  I explained that while I didn't see or hear a ghost, that I did hear her memory inside me, guiding me, and I told her, "okay," and that I also heard her saying we should have something sweet baking in the oven while we played the game. :-)  So, we made brownies and played a great game of Life together and shared the fun, loving embrace of Mom/Grammie surrounding us. <3 

And today, we'll bake a cake and celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest blessings of our lives!  Remembering my Mom's love for others and for nature and for life itself and hoping to PAS it on.  Thank you, Mom, for lighting the fire and playing your love song!  I'll keep the fire burning in our house and keep saying, "YES!" to life.

P.S. -

For my Dad - Thank you, Dad, for carrying out her request of you, "to love the kids and grandkids for her, too!"  We are grateful to have you in our lives!

For my brother - While our mom was not a very religious person, she was a very LOVING person!  I know my brother has wondered about her soul's current residence.  These thoughts are for him, along with the above picture that I made for his family:

"God is love and those who abide in love abide in God and God abides in them." 1 John 4:16

Author Christina Baldwin addresses religious dialogue in her book, Storycatcher: "Everybody is on a learning curve in this conversation.  God is mystery.  We may stake our lives on one definition or another, but that doesn't resolve the mystery."

A friend's recent post on facebook also addresses this concern:
"Buddha was not a Buddhist.  Jesus was not a Christian.  Muhammad was not a Muslim.  They were teachers who taught Love.  Love was their religion."

* She resides in LOVE. *

"Play your love songs..... la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la......."

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Age of Aquarius

[Text from journal page scanned above: :)]

Age of Aquarius... This Aquarius is turning 38.

Thinking of my birthday coming up.  GRATEFUL

<3 No such thing as too many candles! <3

Every year is something to celebrate ***

My mom sure would've liked to be here to celebrate more than 62!  (She would be 66 this Feb)

Mom's legacy of love & respect & zest for life! <3  Her love & attitude lighting my flame.  PAS it on...

How beautiful elderly are - with laugh lines & life lines & such stories written all over  - I think old hands & faces are beautiful, especially holding very young ones in their hands or gaze. <3
Something special about grandmothers!!! (& hope to be one someday)

Think of Desiderata (by Max Ehrman) & "gracefully surrendering the things of youth".  I'm glad to give up the stupid choices & insecurity & attitude & feeling of being lost & peer pressure & physical abuse.  Glad to discover self-love & inner guidance! <3

Life's a Dance you learn as you go...

Recall feeling depressed on 30th birthday but attitude has definitely changed!  Being with my Mom when she died opened my heart - broke it, too, but also expanded it.  And now, I can somehow value life more while also anticipating the next mysterious evolution when the time comes ~ Into the Mystic. 

Each day is a gift <3 
Celebrate & Enjoy the Present!
Love More (Now!)
Fear Less (Future)
* LIVE *

Friday, January 10, 2014

Choose your words Powerfully - Book Review

Book: Power Words by Sharon Anne Klingler

Amen!  That is the first power word that comes to mind for this book review (after realizing that it means, "this is so").  I have loved words deeply for quite some time, but this book has opened my eyes to so much more detail regarding the words we choose and the energy that results.  The simple exercises the author uses to let the reader actually experience the energy of various words are great and enlightening!   We should ... wait, erase that..  poor choice of word energy.  May we all choose our words carefully and enable ourselves to live out our best intentions.
My copy of the book now has a rainbow of notes, highlighting, and doodles for easy future reference to the areas that encouraged me the most, along with several dog-eared pages.  As Klingler states, "seeking new words doesn't only change your vocabulary, but it also changes how you see and define yourself and your world."  I thought I had been pretty cognizant with my word choices prior to reading this book (based on affirmation practices, focus on intentions, etc), but this book has broadened my awareness regarding how words impact us and how some words that are often considered to be positive in nature may not always be what they appear.

The author's in-depth descriptions, exercises, and insights are well worth the time invested with this book.   I have also noticed a difference in my interactions with my children based on the words I choose when speaking with them.  Klingler gives a welcome new perspective to the power of words.  I have already recommended this book to friends and family! 
FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review.  This review is unbiased and reflects my honest opinion of the book.