Wednesday, May 16, 2012



A state of readiness.
readiness - preparation - willingness

Today, I found this great site about preparedness (for natural disasters, economic turmoil, etc.):

and an article about bartering ability (necessary during power outages due to dependence on electronic payments even when cash holds value but may not be available):

Of course, I hope we are fortunate enough not to encounter hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or economic turmoil (in form of job less or whatever) or major health issues, etc.  Yet, I know from experience that there is no way to control the weather and who knows what else may linger on the horizon.

I am thankful for everyday that we are blessed with fair weather, regular income, quality friends and family, a loving home, good health, etc!  My Dad frequently toasts, "Salud Dinero y Amor" which translates health, wealth and love.  However, he also lives by the boy scout motto: Be Prepared.

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