Saturday, June 2, 2012


Family update... this has to do with my entire extended family - and yours.  My husband and I watched this incredible film last night (called "THRIVE" see link below)... beautiful imagery, informative, at times heartwrenching, and ultimately inspirational with suggestions for a better future.  As much as I sometimes want to be an ostrich [ignorance is bliss?], as a mother, I just can't.  This film does a great job of summarizing what I've taken much longer to learn in the past several years on many subjects (environment, food supply, economics, education, politics, finance, etc.).  There are also a few pretty far out parts that made us react with "okay, now that's pretty out there!"  But if you get past the cosmos theme and if you stick it out to the end when they conclude with a much brighter hope, it is well worth the time to watch and consider the reality.  I hope we will THRIVE together!

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