Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review

Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life By Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov

I just finished the book "Solomon Speaks" by Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov. I have not personally read very many books of this sort, with a medium or different entity speaking through one of the authors, so it was a new format for me. I tend to be a bit skeptical, yet spiritual and open-minded. The information presented in this book seems sincere and genuine, especially from the stand-point that the authors have little reason to share this information for any manipulative motives. The book is a summary of the authors’ experience as doctor and patient with a different entity, Solomon, speaking through the patient, Frederick, with a message for Dr. Pearl. The authors thought the message might be applicable to others as well, asked Solomon’s permission and opinion to share, and this book is the result.

I keep a reading journal and tend to mark pages that I want to come back to and take notes from in my journal. I marked about 30 pages while reading this book to come to for reference notes. The book did have a rather slow start for me, but it contains a great message and reminders once past the introductions. At times, the message felt too specific to Dr. Pearl with client references and such, but much of the message felt applicable to most people, whether or not someone is in the healing professions. I especially liked the part about an awakening and growing up to become our own parents and the transition from dependence to independence and self-reliance. This is discussed in chapter 30 about creating our lives as our artwork. Yet, much of the book also refers to our connections and interdependence and finding a balance with the experience of an individual self within the whole universe.

Finally, the biggest reason I would suggest this book as a worthwhile read to others is for the healing benefits. After reading about the healing energy and reminders that we can heal ourselves, I tried to focus on healing energy to relieve the headaches and tension I often wake up with from stress and clenching my jaw. To my pleasant surprise, the headache went away before I got out of bed that morning and I was able to skip taking Advil. This happened again this morning, the second day of waking up and choosing to invite healing energy to flow through me and ease the pains in my neck and head. While I have tried this in the past, something seems to have changed (perhaps in my willingness to believe) since reading this book and it is working better than I can remember ever before.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. This review is unbiased and reflects my honest opinion of the book.

This book is available from Hay House at http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=8275

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