Saturday, February 1, 2014

Age of Aquarius

[Text from journal page scanned above: :)]

Age of Aquarius... This Aquarius is turning 38.

Thinking of my birthday coming up.  GRATEFUL

<3 No such thing as too many candles! <3

Every year is something to celebrate ***

My mom sure would've liked to be here to celebrate more than 62!  (She would be 66 this Feb)

Mom's legacy of love & respect & zest for life! <3  Her love & attitude lighting my flame.  PAS it on...

How beautiful elderly are - with laugh lines & life lines & such stories written all over  - I think old hands & faces are beautiful, especially holding very young ones in their hands or gaze. <3
Something special about grandmothers!!! (& hope to be one someday)

Think of Desiderata (by Max Ehrman) & "gracefully surrendering the things of youth".  I'm glad to give up the stupid choices & insecurity & attitude & feeling of being lost & peer pressure & physical abuse.  Glad to discover self-love & inner guidance! <3

Life's a Dance you learn as you go...

Recall feeling depressed on 30th birthday but attitude has definitely changed!  Being with my Mom when she died opened my heart - broke it, too, but also expanded it.  And now, I can somehow value life more while also anticipating the next mysterious evolution when the time comes ~ Into the Mystic. 

Each day is a gift <3 
Celebrate & Enjoy the Present!
Love More (Now!)
Fear Less (Future)
* LIVE *

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