Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Give-Away

Since I can’t give a physical gift to my mom anymore, I’ve decided to do a mother’s day give-away in her honor/memory. I will give away one homemade fabric love note necklace to someone else this mother’s day. I haven’t yet decided which lovelace love note necklace will be the one given away yet so to enter, please follow these 2 steps:
1. Please comment with the give-away announcement on facebook page where it says ENTER HERE ( and either tell me which of the lovelaces is your favorite or how you would use a mini-journal similar to the bigger booklace journals.
2. Please share the link to enter the give-away with your friends so they have a chance to enter (& win!) as well. You do not have to “like” the page to enter. Of course, it’s always appreciated if you do. I will do the drawing on mother’s day to select a winner and announce the winner on mother’s day on facebook (and contact them with a private message for the address to mail it).

If you just have to have one, they can be purchased on my Etsy site:

There are several more pictures in the “Made with Love” album on facebook.

Best wishes.

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